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Say No to Feisty Liberal Moderators

Zdravko Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 5:07 PM
the she was responsible for the murder of 4 Americans by the Benghazi jihadists; and then what? Has she resigned? Has a murder prosecution against her been initiated? No – Obama declared that he was responsible, being the big boss; more empty words? After the already declared “October” surprises (the phony manufactured unemployment and inflation numbers) we can now expect other pre-November 6th surprises – say, new “negotiations” with the Iran’s ayatollahs, and a surprise attack by bombers and a Marines’ incursion in Benghazi to punish those murderers. Has Romney mentioned any of these points? Well, no – he is a decent and reasonable politician; he will pursue “reasonable compromises with the Democrats like he did it in Massachusetts”.
In the final debate, liberal CBS anchorman Bob Schieffer did it right. He moderated without asserting his own political opinions. Indeed, if this was all you had as a compass, you'd never know where he leaned. It was a welcome change from the Raddatz and Crowley libfests.

On the morning after the debate, CBS invited Fox's Bill O'Reilly to discuss the debate performances. Interestingly enough, he faulted them all, while CBS's Charlie Rose defended them all.

Rose tried to suggest these debates reveal something more than policy differences, they reveal demeanor and temperament. "Well, then let's have Dr. Phil interview...