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Oregon Union Sues District for Limiting Dancing, Heckling Subs on School Property During Strike

Zdravko Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 1:55 PM
All government employees unions are by definition criminal conspiracies against the people and should therefore be routinely prosecuted under the RICO Act laws; even Roosevelt thought so. In addition, teachers unions contain 150% of featherbedding members doing nothing but often enough destroying the education process. It is a rampant field for affirmative action, diversity, multiculturalism, inclusiveness and other communist measures destroying competition, success, progress...

The Eagle Point Education Association has filed suit against the district’s school board, claiming the board chilled its “free speech” rights because it banned picketing on school property during a May teachers strike.

The school board also angered the union by passed a resolution limiting signs and banners on school property and prohibiting teachers from using school email accounts.

The union believes it can do anything it pleases – including walking out on students – and not face consequences. Yet union officials were angered when the school board decided to draw the line during the teachers strike by not allowing...