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Freedom From Union Compulsion

Zdravko Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 8:28 AM
Essential for the survival of this proud and incredible country is placing all government employees unions out of business on the legal basis that such unions are by definition criminal enterprises against the people, as even Roosevelt defined them back in the 1930’s. Such unions must be routinely prosecuted under the RICO Act laws. Teachers unions in the short 45 years of their existence have brought our education from among the best in the world down to the level of Zimbabwe, having produced 3 generations of illiterate nincompoops voting for “social justice – it sounds nice”. As an example of our “education” I remember a bright 17-year old son of our neighbors telling us proudly some 30 years ago how he got an A (cont.)

To everything there is a season, the Good Book says, and in Michigan workplaces the season of freedom is arriving at last.

Republican legislators voted Tuesday to make Michigan the 24th state in the nation to protect an essential civil liberty: the right to work for a living without being required to join or pay money to a labor union. Governor Rick Snyder signed the new laws – one dealing with private-sector employees, one covering government employment – a few hours later, hailing them as "pro-worker and pro-Michigan."

Big Labor and its allies, of course, are furiously denouncing this as...