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Benghazi Betrayal May be a Cover-Up of American Weapons in Hands of Terrorists

Zdravko Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 3:38 PM
Let me now proceed to a number of definitions that might clarify the new US policies in regard to the Muslim countries and Israel. Let us begin with Obama’s so-called “apology tour” of Muslim countries in 2009, at the start of his administration: it was not an “apology” tour – it was in fact a tour of condemnation of US policies. Obama’s program of active support to the movements called “Arab Spring”, including monetary assistance, arms supply, and in case of Libya active war action via bombings of Kaddafi forces, was designed to bring Islamist-jihadist governments to power. The program has been successful so far in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt; it is intended to proceed with the same aims in Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, (cont.)
R.3 Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 7:32 PM
....and stand by as Iran produces enough nuclear weapons to threaten everyone in the region. As soon as that becomes a reality the real fireworks will begin.

In a scandal looking more and more like Fast and Furious, information is coming out revealing what may be the real reason why the Obama administration refused to provide military support to save Americans in Benghazi. Obama was terrified the public would find out that American weapons had been given to Libyan terrorists, who then used them against Americans in the attack.

Glenn Beck reported that Glen Doherty, the former Navy Seal who was killed alongside Ambassador Christopher Stevens, told ABC News that he was looking for weapons in Libya. Middle East expert Barry Rubin has said...