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What, exactly, did you "verify with snopes"?
I thought that polls were the socialist devils work? We're using them now?
Could you please provide facts supporting your view on this? I don't mean links news various news stories, but facts - the actual law itself, analysis of various sources of independent studies, etc.?
How does one tax an individual "BEFORE profit?" There's no BS spin. As an LLC I am taxed as an individual (read: no corporate taxation) - So everything my company profits is considered my individual income and I pay personal taxes on that. If I gross $500,000 this year, I don't get taxed on costs for rent, payroll, expenses, etc. When all is said and done, I come out with $90,000 left over - that's my businesses profit / personal profit/income - one tax payment. If there is some kind of tax proposal that I am unaware of that taxes gross receipts, please send it my way. Higher taxes certainly hit corporations harder, drains the economy, makes investors leery, etc. which can affect businesses negatively. I'm for lower corp. taxes.
I still own a business, I still have 10 employees, I plan on adding more. I don't personally make over $250,000 a year. I will not be affected by the tax hike. Sometimes it's hard, I agree to that, but the payoff is that it's rewarding. The idea of a "small" business shutting down because of a tax hike on individuals making over $250k is absurd. This ad from the same folks that say, "you have to work hard to succeed" - but them I'm also hearing, "if I don't get to personally make well-over $250,000 a year, without paying more takes (only on the amount over $250 no less ), I'll have to close up shop". I call shenanigans.
So pursuit of facts is arrogant? So, if I write a funny article bashing any group using anecdotal arguments, (which group I choose is really unimportant at this point), it's true - and any points to the contrary display arrogance? Finally, what makes you think I'm liberal? I'm simply pointing out, that although the article is humorous, it still provides no sources of any kind. How is this different than a liberal article attacking conservatives? It's not. In any way, shape, or form, it's no different. Like a gaggle of 6 year olds, instead of discussing key issues - like mature adults, we insist on ad hominem attacks on each other. Bloggers of all ilks fan the flames in order to make a buck - and nothing gets better.
Although, I will admin sir, that you do indeed frame a solid rebuttle, your logic sound, and organization, well, I will say superb. I'm still curious what facts support each of these conclusions? Any party can make ad hominem attacks at another party. Please provide examples backing up the arguments. Or in simpler terms - please show your work.
Please provide sources of conservatives (or anyone for that matter) introducing policy promoting "better education...help the poor, etc". While you're on the Google, please also provide sources, along with any non-partisan data, enforcing your "liberals" argument.
The "worst Prez in US history"? Hyperbole much? The Patriot Act? "You're either with us, or you're against us"? A war we couldn't afford (which was only going to cost $2b/max), based on total fallacy? Economic collapse - or did you forget that he was the guy pulling the strings during all that? That was just the previous president, that's only going back 4 years - we could continue and talk about Hoover, Pierce, and others who screwed this country more than anyone can imagine.
What about crimes of passion? What about stealing a ring to propose to your girlfriend - it's wrong, but you don't "hate" the store owner.
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