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Storm Saves Obama From Himself

ZB2 Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 8:50 PM
Romney/Ryan have a great clinching argument--which they are NOT using. This is from the online edition of FORBES magazine: "Ex-federal government GDP growth in the four years after FDR accepted his party’s nomination in the summer of 1932 was about 30%. Here’s Obama’s mark: negative 0.3% cumulative." THAT is a crusher. It smashes Obama's contention that he needs more time and it blows up Clinton's statement from the Dem. Convention that "No President...not even me...could have fixed this in 4 years." The Great Depression was MUCH worse than the recession of 2008 and FDR delivered far better results in his first term. Of course, FDR was actual LEADER, something the Dem. party doesn't seem to have anymore.

If President Obama had the time for some introspection on the campaign trail, he might take offense at all the media speculation (and in many cases wishful thinking gussied up as speculation) that his response to Hurricane Sandy will give him the edge going into Election Day.

In effect, people are saying: "Obama is doing the minimum requirements of his job, what a game-changer!"

Now, one could quibble about whether he's really doing what a president should. He's handing out a bunch of checks, which is warranted, but he has staff to do that. Moreover, presidential photo ops at disaster sites...