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Where'd you get your EE degree? University of Phoenix?
They're selling about as well as Prius did during their first three years in the market, and it's a tougher car market than in 2000. Not too bad, really.
Except the Chevy Volt was developed during W's administration.
"But I am an aerospace engineer not an electrical or chemical engineer." Neither is Roger168.
ColdWolverine, it's past your bedtime.
"Obama took credit for the piece-of-junk Volt." Baloney. The prototype was publicly unveiled during W.'s administration, and before the 2008 election.
If you actually read your link past the headline, it says nothing of the sort. The simple reality is that Toyota is NOT discontinuing the Prius.
Actually, all you have to do is hook up a resistor to the battery to drain it. You don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, right. Breitbart. (a) The Cruze is not the Volt. (b) The Volt battery is NOT in the engine compartment. It runs down the center and the back of the passenger compartment. There was a retrofit of more bracing around the battery after the NHTSA tests, but there were no "spontaneous fires" in the real world. Who's really misinformed? Who's really lying?
"Because as a result they have introduced a Cadillac version of the Volt power plant just to make the stupidity a bit pricier." A better comparison is Toyota making the Lexus ES300h using Prius hybrid know-how. The base ES300h is $39K -- about $16K more than the base Prius. "As of now it’s unclear if spontaneous engine compartment fires will be included in the Cadillac luxury version just as they were in the original Chevy Volt […]" Please post a link to one verified report of a spontaneous engine compartment fire on the Volt. You can't. There haven't been any.
Except that the Volt is mostly sold in Europe as the Vauxhall or Opel Ampera. And 5,293 Amperas were sold. All made in the U.S.
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