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Obama: Yeah, the Private Sector is Doing Fine

Zak8 Wrote: Jun 09, 2012 3:06 AM
I saw the press conference from Obama and he had the haunted look of someone who didn't know what he was talking about and hoped no one would ask hard questions. Of course the media obliged and gave his talking points back to him. I was struck by his comments that the best way to help the economy was for states and local councils to employ more firefighters, police and teachers. He looked like a clown with big ears. He had no idea and I felt the embarrassment screaming out.

During a press conference on Friday morning President Obama shocked the nation when he told reporters the “private sector is doing fine” and attributed the nation’s high unemployment to a lack of state and local government jobs. Seriously?

Uh, the truth of the matter is that... as I’ve said we’ve created 4.3 million jobs over the last 27 months, over 800,000 just this year alone. The private sector is doing fine. Where we’re seeing weaknesses in our economy have to do with state and local government.

Mitt Romney, the presumptive...