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McConnell pledged to fight the Obama overreach at the last election. ALL the Republican candidates promised to fight Obama on immigration. And they won in a landslide. McConnell and the other filthy liars really disappoint me. I can't understand why opposing Obama is popular at election time but not popular now they are in on the platform they promised. They make no sense to me. They don't explain it to the public. I doubt they understand themselves.
Only Democrats are surprised. I'm sure Obama has funding for jihad John to take him out of poverty and into a respectable job. We must never elect a muslim president again. When he is gone the country can begin to heal.
I love that Mike Lee. Not in a gay way of course........ I think he's best conservatives have.
Dammit Rubio. We hardly knew you. You just got into the Senate and you're leaving? I fear you won't be successful and will cut yourself from public service. If that duphus John Kerry can run as Senator and presidential contender, you can too.
Well that's the kiss of death for Kasich. He has just been Charlie Cristed by Obama. All he needs is a hug photo to finish him off. To think Kasich see himself as a presidential contender. Paleaseeee.
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McConnell's Gambit Solves Nothing

Zak8 Wrote: Feb 24, 2015 2:51 PM
Let me see if I have this right. After Democrats took away the filibuster from Republicans, the Republicans are giving the filibuster back to the Democrats AND Republicans will be blamed for the Democrat filibuster. Hmmmmm intelligent crowd those senate Republicans.
Obama lies. Obama appointees lie. Obama lovers lie. Get the pattern here?
They don't need to do that much. Leave it for the markets to provide and have a minimal floor of rationed state care for the 10% who where never going to vote republican anyway. I would think the Republicans should spend minimal time looking after the state care crowd. They voted Obama anyway so give them obamacare, the rationed state care.
Marie Harf reminds the world of crazy every time she speaks. Carey Harf, crazy Obama, crazy Democrats
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