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Oklahoma repealed Common Core too.
Humorously informative. It never ceases to amaze me how these people can just side-step or rationalize away your argument by arguing you are insinuating something completely different(just go on yahoo news and post something and watch the thumbing down and "rebuttals" ensue). They can't bring themselves to admit that there are well reasoned arguments that challenge their view points because in their mind, how they got to their positions, there is no possible way anyone can challenge them.
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No Landslide for the GOP

Zachary32 Wrote: May 16, 2014 1:42 PM
See this is why Conservatives lose the narrative. Won't be a landslide? Look it doesn't matter if the democrats didn't take back the house in 2012, they took 7 seats and gained 2 in the senate, that to them is a landslide and unless we start looking at elections like that then we will doom ourselves. Shoot big but we should always celebrate the gains we make.
To many people who think that the left is winning(yes they are winning the legal and cultural fight but truth always wins out in the end) I have a few quotes "Sometimes the devil allows people to live a life free of trouble because he doesn't want people turning to God." "Their sin is like a jail cell, except it is all nice and comfy and there doesn't seem to be any reason to leave. The door's wide open. Till one day time runs out and the door slams shut and suddenly it's too late to get out." -God's Not Dead Possibly the best quotes from the entire movie.
Well the belief is that if you give them enough rope, they will hang themselves...however...it seems they haven't been given enough rope and I'm tired of waiting for them to tie the noose(figuratively speaking just to clarify with some of the thin skinned leftists on this site).
A few things If there are any innocent people being wrongfully executed(she fails to site any cases) then that blame falls squarely on the prosecution and or the people who are suppose to be gathering the evidence. You can't blame the execution method for a botched investigation. Secondly she mentions that innocent people being executed is the "most compelling" case to abolishing the Death Penalty. Well if that's her logic, then why don't we abolish war because of the off chance of friendly fire or civilian casualties? What's the difference? Thirdly she mentions that the Death Penalty does nothing to "deter" criminals. I beg to differ, it deters the murderer who was executed from ever murdering again. She also mentions cost....I would gather that the reason death row is so expensive is because of the appeals process. If that's the case then it needs some reform so that people who are without a DOUBT guilty don't get an appeal. Not only that, why is the life of a murderer more valuable than the lives he's stolen?
It's as funny as the liberal from Michigan accusing one of his challengers(a female conservative) of waging a war on women. This is hysterical.
It's a known fact that instead of arguing, leftists slander to discredit and shut down debate.
Good bye Nevada...
This frightening...I myself had endured this. After my father got sick we lost the house we lived in and had to move in with my grandma for a year and a half. After my father finally got back on his feet we were able to find an affordable house just around the corner. It's a terrible situation.
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