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We'll find out on Tuesday if the so-called "War on Women" has backfired.
To Hockey Mom & carol1415 - You both used such vague language - What is it that Obama has done (specifically) that would warrant his execution and eternal damnation (in your opinion)? I listed the policies and actions that I strongly condemn. You both resorted to name-calling. That doesn't help me understand which of his policies you have a problem with.
The Tea Party wants to change them back to 1854.
Each side accuses the other of deception. Constantly. Frankly, it gets tiring - especially at hyper-partisan sites - I won't name names :) I voted for Obama. Do I like him? Not at all: Guantanamo, indefinite detentions, kill lists, a personal war (Libya), a covert war (Yemen), a proxy war (Somalia), a permanent war (on terror, á la Orwell), the TSA, the Patriot Act, warrantless wiretaps, drone strikes, and a complete disregard for the lives of non-American civilians. We are committing war crimes under this administration.
Yes, it's an article from 2010 - but that doesn't make it less relevant, does it? It was the same organization, in the same county, at the same polling station. I think that makes it very relevant. And look, while it's true that 7 complaints were filed against True the Vote back then - True the Vote has challenged over 1,000 voter registration records in Harris County this year. This is an issue that goes both ways. Nobody wants voter fraud, but nobody wants voter suppression either. (I know if someone got in my face after I had waited in line for hours, I'd have to restrain myself from clocking the guy.) There are legitimate concerns on both sides.
Correction: The source I quoted appears to be a left-leaning site. (I had said it was neutral.)
The following is from a neutral source: True the Vote has a history of voter intimidation at this precise location. "By Oct. 28, Acres Homes already had seen seven separate complaints against the poll watchers, mostly for intimidation."
I assure you, if ANY evidence existed - it would be found right here on this site, or at breitbart, americanthinker, the blaze, etc.
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