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Warning: The Economy in 2015 Might Shock You

you've been served Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 7:05 AM
so, what was the "action to take". My multiple read interpretation says "stock market values will decrease". If I read between the lines correctly, then stocks will lose value. So where should one put his money. Cash will also suffer due to QE3 inflation. Bonds have and will have low interest rates for years to come. What is the action to take. Other writers have recommended careful foreign market investments. Maybe the goal that Mr Sterman is proposing is to find the investments that will lose the least value. He doesn't spell it out at the end. Any helpful comments out there.
Wumingren Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 12:39 PM
I lived as an expatriate in Asia for 8 years after separating from 12-years' active duty service overseas. After a 20-year absence, I decided to marry a fine woman overseas and bring her back to America to raise a family. America wasn't like the America I had left 20 years earlier, and it has only gotten worse since. Now, we are considering moving back to Asia, just to get away from the pending socialist disaster that looms in the next few years. I know many immigrants who came to America to escape socialism/communism. They are all heartbroken to see America turn to socialism/communism and they lament the passing of the last free nation on earth. Thanks so much, you mentally diseased liberals, for ruining the best government ever.
BK22 Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 7:49 AM ain't gonna earn anything anyway..might as well keep it from losing anything.

the summer of 2015, either one or both political parties will begin the search for their next presidential. By that time, the whole tenor of political positions will have sharply changed.

At least, we can only hope so.

That's because our economy is unlikely to handle three more years of gridlock, which keeps us stuck in a phase of higher government spending and shrinking revenue. Any day now, the ever-rising mountain of debt will need to be addressed. In the face of inaction, the bond market will have spoken by 2015 anyway, as "bond vigilantes" force the...
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