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Good description. I'll remember that.
That 98% claim is garbage and you should know that. To save money, they cherry picked the sections of DNA most likely to be similar. This is common knowledge. Why do you not know this?
Guy, unfortunately, you are not aware of the admitted status of Neo- Darwinism as a religion, itself. Even Dr Michael Ruse admitted this openly. He said basically: Evolution is a religion but we don't admit this in open court. We lie about it when necessary. But the truth is that evolution is just as much a religion as creationism. This was cited in the national post. in an article "How evoluton became a religion" by Michael Ruse, evolutionist.
David, the only gaps I mentioned are evolutionists' use of "darwin of the gaps" as the only evidence for evolution. Plus, you are way behind on your science. The 98% similarity between human and chimp DNA has long been abandoned by even evolutionists because they cheated by cherry picking the segments of DNA to compare ( to save money on the study purportedly). A totally bogus study. AT BEST, they are 85% similar. and each 1% represents billions of physiologically expressed differences. Catch up fella.
Judgement day coming to a theater near you. There will be a price to pay when the Son returns.
Harrison, good one.
Dr zing. Nice analogy.
If climate alarmists would just think about it, they should encourage global warming. Catastrophic global warming could kill off billions of humans. Then the deity of mother nature could heal the planet. Wouldn't that be a good thing according to global warming logic?
Whitebeard, you take a reasonable stance here. But please leave off any insane rantings about Oklahoma city bombs and Twin Towers evil Bush conspiracy theories. You do yourself and your cause no good by bringing up those insane theories.
Whitebeard, you would not know a rational, objective view of anything if it bit your rocks off.
Whitebeard, reporters commonly, commonly, make erroneous reports that turn out to be false. AND GULLIBLE PEOPLE OFTEN TAKE THOSE ERRONEOUS REPORTS AND TURN THEM INTO RIDICULOUS, OUTRAGEOUS, CONSPIRACY THEORIES WITH ZERO EVIDENCE AND ZERO CREDIBILITY. Your Oklahoma Bombs theory is garbage. Your twin towers claims are garbage. I have studied those events in detail and YOU ARE WRONG. You are an embarrassment to the reasoning ability of the human race.
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