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Atheists like Obama espouse the "Darwin of the Gaps" faith without evidence. Obama "evolved" in his thinking on Gay Marriage. All garbage.
REED, exactly. where is the bridge? where is the connection. to posit one without evidence is faith not science. evolutionists and atheists jump the gaps all the time with no evidence. Evolution is the "Darwin of the gaps" theory.
Way to go, Marita Noon. I'll be sure to catch that episode of Jon Stewart. Tough issue to tackle with all the techno babble required by your side of the argument and only babble required of Stewart's side. I'm sure you performed beautifully.
Got my free Gideon's Bible while at work last year. A well dressed business man handed it to me after I answered his medical questions. Have enjoyed reading it during my down time. God bless the Gideons.
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Racist Elephants

you've been served Wrote: Mar 17, 2014 9:12 AM
Ha, Ha, Ha. Very good Neal. You're the greatest.
There is no proven genetic predisposition to homosexuality, fornication, thievery, or murder; but even if there were such a genetic predisposition, God would still require that we refuse to participate in these sins with hell the punishment if we do not.
David, that is a bunch of hog swill you are spouting there. Teaching children that homosexual behavior is a sin has nothing to do with hate. You are so deluded. AND I repeat, sexual orientation is not genetic. NO evidence exists to support this claim. NONE. Many youth are swallowing the brainwashing flooding their lives from the public school system, but that will not change the fact that sin in all its forms leads to hell.
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Of Tolerance and Tyranny

you've been served Wrote: Mar 07, 2014 3:58 AM
David, there are only a very few localities that have specifically made homosexual behavior and homosexual marriage a legal right. So in 99% of USA one can also deny the service of baking a cake for a homosexual marriage. Despite what a few liberal, activist federal judges have proclaimed. The constitution does not empower the Federal government to do most of the things it does. We are operating in an illegal post constitution decade. Time will rectify that problem.
God has allowed a "spirit of delusion" to overtake the minds of the world. Here comes the judge.
To avoid the liberal brainwashing of my own children, I have paid large piles of money to private schools. Why must I pay money to avoid government sponsored religious indoctrination. What religion, you say? How about the religions of evolution, multiculturalism, humanism, homosexual naturalism, extramarital sex, dependency, and relativism just for starters.
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