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Obama: My "Biggest Priority" is Bringing the Benghazi "Folks" to Justice

Yourwelcome Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 4:18 PM
so we should just forget that 3000 Americans died? Looking for some intellectual consistency from you people. How far back in history do you want to go, why do you just stop at bush. Here is the problem, we don't forget and we haven't forgotten. It's you that has forgotten, by your support of a fool who intentionally lied to the American people about what happened. Why do you protect a fool who lies to you right to your face? Makes no sense. We honor those that died before by being honest about what's happening. This whole thing is a disgrace, period.

The president appeared on Michael Smerconish's radio program earlier today and addressed the Benghazi attack:


“What happened in Benghazi is a tragedy. We’re investigating exactly what happened. I take full responsibility for that fact. I send these folks in harm’s way, I want to make sure they’re always safe and when that doesn't happen, that we figure out what happened and make sure that doesn't happen again. But my biggest priority now is bringing those folks to justice and I think the American...