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The Redemption of George Wallace

Younger Wrote: 17 hours ago (1:23 PM)
It is a shame that Lyndon Johnson's remark was not publicized at the time. What would such as Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton have said about it?
"Gov. Perry wrote Obama two years ago about growing numbers of unaccompanied children pouring across the U.S. border, demanding that he do something about it. What duty does the President have, as stated in the Constitution, whereby he could have done anything about the situation? NONE!
That he hides behind the facade exposes his utter incompetence to serve the public in any capacity.
Dan107, pray that Loyal Democrat will not have to write his exposes of the President and his/her sycophants after November of 2016.
14kittycat, please note that Loyal Democrat is sarcastic in his posts, clearly pointing out the failings of Barack Obama and all who agree with him.
I have not read her book, but from reading the history of both revolutions, the only similarity is that the existing monarchial government was deposed, in France, and in the colonies. The Patriots in America wanted their own government solely; the insurrectionists in France wanted control of all the government in France. The French Revolution was a true civil war, for they wanted control of the government of the country; the American Revolution was not a civil war, even though brother fought against brother, for the Patriots simply wanted to be free of the government of England. The English Civil War was also a true civil war, for both Parliament and Charles I wanted to be in control of the government.
Even with a mirror.
Yes, I thought that "quaint" had a "likeable" connotation.
Please translate.
"I remember in the french movie the actor was calling his cow: 'Margaret, Margaret...He didn't found! He wasn't good to take care of his cow. La,la,la,la..." Please translate.
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