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And, all of God's commandments are bound up in two: Love God with your whole being, and love your neighbor as you love yourself.
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The Abortion Bucket Challenge

Younger Wrote: Sep 12, 2014 9:52 AM
"To be sure, the ALS Association website says that “most” of the research they fund is not wrought with these ethical issues." Mike, I am not sure as to what you meant if you really meant "...is not worked with...." I suspect that you really meant to use the word "fraught," and not "wrought." Or, did the ALS use the wrong word?
That's because they know that they inferior and refuse to better themselves--just as respect is earned and not given, equality is earned and not given.
All to often, they have followers in the thousands, who watch them on television.
Hmm; how is it that Abraham Lincoln gave his second inaugural address about two months before he was inaugurated the second time? Franklin Roosevelt was the first President to be inaugurated in January.
After medical expenses reach a certain proportion of otherwise taxable income, they are deductible for taxable income.
A true Christian is one who trusts only in Christ to cover his sins. Mormons attempt to do all they themselves can and when they are unable to do it all they then ask Christ to finish the work for them.
You are calling adjectives adverbs? "Bad," as you used it in your last sentence is an adjective, not an adverb. "Badly" is an adverb. I never heard of a "sense adverb." Is this what is now taught in modern "education?"
Well, since the people complaining about the name of the professional football team in Washington have not been able to find solutions to the problems that they have caused, they are constrained to find a solution to a non-problem.
An Arkansaw toothpick in his mouth? Sorry, the thought happened along.
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