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Snubbed: Obama Admonished for Skipping NAACP Convention

youhavetobekidding Wrote: Jul 12, 2012 7:05 PM
You have to be joking! As someone black, you know good and well that the rich do not care about the black community. Those numbers would be higher under Romney. How is voting your own interest racist? Republicans and Democratics both vote their own personal interest, so why shouldn't a Latino, Asian, or black person do the same?

The audience at the NAACP's annual conference were treated this morning to a rousing, angry address from Vice President Joe Biden, who sang President Obama's praises and implied the fight for civil rights would be revived were Mitt Romney elected president. Here's a little taste of Sheriff Joe's diatribe:

But no matter the warm reception he received, the audience felt decidedly snubbed by Obama's lack of a presence, Buzzfeed reports. Despite their unwillingness to criticize the president outright, there were some grumblings about neglect: