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I thought it was stoning.
I'm not a liberal. I don't get why you're so confused. Are you a woman or a minority? If you are I could really care less. That insult was intended for a human being. Since this is the internet it would be hard for me to have any gender or racial bigotry in my insult to you. And you did not address the statement I made before the insult. I guess I shouldn't hold my breath waiting for you to give a response to that.
Thanks for giving the world some hope. If I had it my way we'd just kill off elected leaders and never have a president again.
Too bad small government is a myth.
Yeah actually I don't see either. I've seen gay men kissing and thats it. I've seen straight couples get pregnant in high school. But pregnant teens deserve sympathy right?
I'm not left leaning, idiot. And you parents ARE responsible alone for your childs education. what do you expect when you leave a kid on his own somewhere for 7 hours. If they're so easily indoctrinated by sex ed, then what the hell are the parents doing? You'd have to try NOT to teach your children if they're learning it in school. And how do you not know they're teaching it in school? You'd have to NOT be active in their education to not know what was happening. You're just making excuses for bad and negligent parents. End of Story.
Are you not seeing all the conventional wisdom above this post? I'm really concerned for you, here.
I don't believe I said anyone of those things. I believe I was trying to say that there's a bout a thousand other things that are directly responsible for the problem. First you let Britanny Spears into your house and now you're mad at Obama. You want to talk to me about parental authority? Most parents aren't even fit to be parents. You're implying that all parents are right and perfect and that their moral compass is true. Why don't you get upset at divorce? Alchoholic dads beating and molesting their kids? Preists?
How do you think Black Preachers would feel about gay marriage? You know you cannot say no to black preachers. I've seen the race card played on this site 1 too many times.
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