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Tornado insured losses estimated at $2 billion-$5 billion

You can't be serious Wrote: May 24, 2013 8:31 AM
A little off-topic I know, but did you hear about the bridge collapse in Washington State? Didn't brockie hussein owe-lyar-in-chief promise us in his 2008 campaign to fix all the broken infrastructure with his shovel-ready stimulus? Maybe it was just the steaming pile spewing out of his teleprompter that was shovel ready?
rigby4 Wrote: May 24, 2013 5:11 PM
I was thinking the same thing. Don't they have inspectors.
SandyInIndy Wrote: May 24, 2013 2:24 PM
Most of the "shovel-the bull-ready stimulus" went to cronies of Obama for green energy. Ya know, those that paid bonuses then filed for bankruptcy?! The infrastructure that our taxes are suppose to pay for at home, we send to DC so our representatives can fight for it in pork to come back home! Only In America!!!

(Reuters) - Tornadoes that struck the United States from May 18 to May 20 caused between $2 billion to $5 billion of insured losses, disaster modeling company Eqecat said late Thursday.

At the high end of the range, the tornado outbreak may rank as the second-worst ever in terms of insured losses, behind the late-April 2011 twisters that devastated Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and other communities.

Eqecat said most of the losses were attributed to the tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma, on Monday. That storm, with winds that exceeded 200 miles per hour, killed 24 and flattened two elementary schools.

Some 76...