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You know the phaggs won't quit this agenda until they also allow phagg leaders !
I predict epic fail. What a tragedy. Another great American icon of truth and strength, falling to the ways of the progressives.
It's time to leave the scouts to the gays and for the straight, moral crowd to start a new organization.
Do the gay boys get a special badge? Or at least a star, or something?
Gay marriage. Gay military. Gay BOY Scouts? WTF? Isn't the purpose of Scouting to make wholesome MEN out of boys? To teach self-sufficiency and reliance? To teach leadership? I guess when your president isn't much of a leader, this is one of the things that is inevitable.
Well I guess it's time to find something else that is wholesome for Junior to do. And that's getting more difficult to find I might add. Just about everything now is polluted with all the immoral gay and libtard agendas.
Obama has twice thwarted the pipeline project because doing so effectively continues to castrate our country economically. Being helpless and dependent upon others for our energy needs, is all in his devil plan to bring this country to it's knees.
I must admit that whenever I need a quick chuckle I turn to MSLSD for a few minutes.
And DID keep. Have you looked at your electric bill lately? Ours has doubled in the last few years.
I think Romney must have learned about this in the main stream news.
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