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Great start disrespecting our laws. It's one thing to step over the border and break the law but to ignore the hearing is total disrespect. Screw You Illegal Immigrants.
Don't you think Americans should return to electing qualified leaders to the Executive Branch.? The Obamas' are so unprepared to be President and First Lady (i.e., Amateurs) they can't keep their lies straight. We could make the same mistake electing H.Clinton. She's sold more lies than Carter has little liver pills. Please, no more "Democratics".
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Climate Catastrophe

YerNeighbor Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 2:02 PM
Any elected official (or member of the general public) who holds a microphone and recites Climate Change/Global Warming predictions or otherwise endorses using money to combat the same.... is hereby nominated and qualified for the 'your-so-full-of-caca-it's-coming-out-of-your-ears' award.
Exactly !
Strange.. Voting Machines never glitch in favor of Republicans. Just coincidence, eh?
Oh Pulleeze Mrs Tahmooressi - why would Obama call YOU. You're not black.
So happy for your success - $40h talk is cheap - prove it.
We should fire the person that fired the teacher.
Redacting sensitive information does not include things you just want to hide. If we had an honest DOJ - I'd say they would be responsible to determine what is sensitive ie. FOUO, or Unclassified. But... our DOJ is corrupt - so, never mind.
Excellent Idea !
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