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Exactly !
Strange.. Voting Machines never glitch in favor of Republicans. Just coincidence, eh?
Oh Pulleeze Mrs Tahmooressi - why would Obama call YOU. You're not black.
So happy for your success - $40h talk is cheap - prove it.
We should fire the person that fired the teacher.
Redacting sensitive information does not include things you just want to hide. If we had an honest DOJ - I'd say they would be responsible to determine what is sensitive ie. FOUO, or Unclassified. But... our DOJ is corrupt - so, never mind.
Excellent Idea !
Increase the voting age to 30 - no exceptions.
Yep - or "Knucleheads". FLOTUS was referring to the same people.
French Presidents poll at 20-37% approval, as a norm after two years ?? Apparently the French don't like who the elect - ever. They can have Obama - that's okay with me.
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