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How Guns Are Like Nukes

YassirSanchez Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 10:59 AM
Hey Mona everything you say that you dislike about guns and wished were done about them in paragraph one are already on the books. I cannot own an automatic weapon. Felons cannot own firearms. I absolutely hate it when people who have no clue about firearms opine about them.

I stand out among my conservative friends in disliking guns. I favor reasonable restrictions on the Second Amendment, such as bans on fully automatic weapons, background checks for purchases and forbidding the sale of guns to those with histories of mental illness or criminality.

Yet I cannot agree with liberals that more gun control will lead to fewer gun crimes.

President Obama's choice for defense secretary, Chuck Hagel, actually illuminated one of the weaknesses of the gun control case. Hagel had been closely associated with Global Zero (though he's since repudiated it), a movement dedicated to "the elimination of all nuclear...