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His objective is to get all the different sides to sit around a campfire and sing folk songs. No winners, no losers. Everyone gets a trophy and the USA is always to blame for the worlds problems.
The objective of "victory" is far from the most important factor to liberals when we commit to war.
Comparing Hitler to Stalin or Mao would be kind of like comparing white paint to ivory. They are essentially the same thing. Be kind of hard to find any differences between them, Unlike the MANY differences between Bush and Hitler. AND BTW, I voted for Bush, once for Governor and twice for President......Expert.
First of all I will compare my Conservative bonafides to anyones. And the people condeming the assignment itself without knowing the intent are no different than those who condemn guns because some of them are used for a bad purpose. And to the person who says you do not want me teaching your children, fine. They will miss out on a teaching of Government that teaches the Constitution as the founders intended it. Your childs loss slick. I love how people love to jump to conclusions. Just because I say hold on here lets think about this for a second that obviously makes me a liberal moron? And to the idea of using a Venn Diagram to compare Obama to Hitler would be pointless in my opinion because they are too much alike. Comparing Hitler to GWB would be a GOOD assignment because they are so different. If you insist on getting your panties in a wad over this all I can say is, "enjoy your wedgie". Finally if the Teacher intended to use this to achieve getting across her own poltical viewpoint then it is wrong. One last point, the teaching of the difference between Autocracies and Representative Government is in every schools curriculum in the country.
Look I hate stupidity as much as the next person but this is not bad just because the assignment. Only the Teacher can make it come out to making GWB look like Hitler. A Venn diagram is a very legitimate teaching tool. Bush and Hitler DID have some stuff in common. They were both leaders of their countries in times of War, people had strong opinions about both of them, but then as long as you point out that Bush leader of a free country and Hitler was a despot along with all the other differences this is not a big deal. Just because Bush and Hitler do have a few similarities does not mean that the teacher was equating Bush to Hitler. This COULD be a very good assignment if properly monitored. Oh, and I have been teaching Government (as the Constitution is written) for twenty years.
All we need now is Rove and McCain start lecturing the candidates that for them to have a chance they must start reaching out to the middle of the road voters. Could someone PLEASE do the nation a favor and kidnap Karl Rove and John McCain and lock them in a closet for the next sixty days? And add all the "experts" at the RNC to that mix as well.
I don't care if the Democrat wins the general election. Anytime a Democrat incumbent loses it is good news to me. And if his replacement was a Marine there is some hope for him.
Pork or Brisket? I'll thrown in ribs and boudin.
I just spewed coffee all over my computer. You owe me a new keyboard. I am a victim here! Alert the DOJ!
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