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Awesome: Meet America’s Oldest War Veteran

YassirSanchez Wrote: May 28, 2013 9:50 AM
I bet Obama saw this and was inspired to bring this man to DC in time for the next rain storm. Serving at Iwo Jima is peanuts compared to holding an umbrella above the head of the annointed one.

Richard Arvine Overton, who is 107-years-old and believed to be the oldest living American veteran, plans to spend his Memorial Day as he always does: smoking cigars on his front porch (!) and drinking a little bit of whiskey (via Fox News):

Overton, who is believed to be the nation's oldest veteran, told he’ll likely spend the day on the porch of his East Austin home with a cigar nestled in his right hand, perhaps with a cup of whiskey-stiffened coffee nearby.

“I don’t know, some people might do something for me, but I’ll be glad...