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A Duck Dynasty Christmas

yankette Wrote: Dec 23, 2013 11:28 AM
"Is Homosexuality a learned behavior or natural instinct?" - I would challenge that it's both. Homosexuality is a natural instinct just as any other sin. And the more one gives in to that sin, the more it becomes learned behavior. It's temptation and the secular world that provokes sin, and we are weak in so many ways to deny it.
Great article. And the attitude of that woman in the video is sad but so common. I'll never forget the young mother I hired to clean my rental property. She was telling me how she was struggling financially and that she was going to apply for government assistance. She was actuallly a good worker and when I tried to schedule her to clean another day, she couldn't come because she was having her nails done... There was this old song that went "things that make you go hmmm"...
A lot of emotion in your post there king....And you counted words. Can you refute with other facts and less emotion?
"a remark of INCREDIBLE stupidity" is OPINION. Back up your statement with facts.
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If You Want a Conservative Child

yankette Wrote: Nov 12, 2013 12:24 PM
Mr. Prager, this is by far one of your best articles yet. Thank you. Very great wisdom. I really like the suggestion of waiting a year to send my children to college, superb idea. I, as so many others, went to college immediately after high school and the liberal indoctrination was overwhelming. Again, excellent article.
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The Gay Passion Play Unravels?

yankette Wrote: Sep 27, 2013 1:26 PM
eric:"No one taught me to be straight" - yeah and no one taught you to steal nor murder nor rape, etc. It's called SIN. and yes, there is a thing as sexual sin. Homosexuality is a sin. None of us are 'taught' to sin, it is in our nature and we are tempted constantly. Because sin is in our nature, we are weak to many, many transgressions, some more than others. You may not be weak to homosexuality, but if you're honest with yourself, you are weak with other vices. IT IS A CHOICE!! eric: "and no one could possibly have changed my mind about it either" - you are admiting that it is a choice with this statement!
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Why Get off Welfare?

yankette Wrote: Aug 26, 2013 10:56 AM
"...there is no evidence that people on welfare are lazy". May I kindly ask what planet are you living on?? While there may be no scientific evidence of slothiness, I can surely see it with my eyes just about every day: My neighbor, she's pregnant, again, no job, of course not married, in and out of jail, and collecting the handouts. When I do see her, she's either on her cell phone or slouched in front of the tv. Sorry but I feel she's the rule, rather than the exception.
It always amazes me when someone replies with the response of: "Eventually the supporters of X will all go extinct." (Insert abortionists, homosexuals, etc. for X) They will NEVER go extinct, to use your word, with today's culture, and more importantly, because of SIN. Man is fallible and with a society that we have today, where you have more and more people on welfare, more and more tv, video games, movies that show degradation, violence, crudeness, lack of value for life, etc., this will be a fight that will continue. They will not go 'extinct'.
goldi: "Christians want to impose their religion, ethics and morality on others" When you state that I know you're just trying to push buttons but I'll respond. Homosexuals want to impose their religion, lack of ethics and immorality on others and you know that's true.
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The King and Queen of Creation

yankette Wrote: Aug 07, 2013 9:16 AM
Great great article Mr. Blackwell!
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Liberalism Makes It Easier to be Bad

yankette Wrote: Jul 30, 2013 9:05 AM
Spot on. Thanks Dennis, another great article.
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