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I can tell a lib poster from a mile away before reading his/her post - most, if not all if you, have just mere letters and alphacharacters in your handle and they are always lowercase - why is that? And 2nd, your posts almost never address the article, along with many typos, run-ons, etc.
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A Man of Sterling Character

yankette Wrote: May 01, 2014 10:45 AM
I was wondering when I was going to see or hear ANYBODY on the left or right mention the fact that this 'man' (loosely used term) was cheating. Ann, you got the first place prize. Thanks for bringing that aspect to attention. Yes, how times have changed. The crime du jour is anything racist nowadays.
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We Are A Nation Of Narcissists

yankette Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 11:14 AM
Great article Derek, could not agree more.
It's interesting, these "studies"... Did this 'Institution' even bother to look at all of the negative short and long term effects of ssm? What about the cost of all the laws that would have to be passed to enforce this? What about the effects to any children of these unions? A lot of these children wind up with enormous challenges and in their adult life, wind up on the system, in jail, etc. What about all the enormous health risks this would cost?? Oh, they didn't bother to look at this? Gee there's a surprise.
A UCLA branch did this study???? There was an old song... what was it... "things that make you go hmmm?"
For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.
Natural disasters are the result of sin. Sin is the result of man. It's very simple. Before the Fall, there were no natural disasters.
"Linguistic sleight of hand" - an excellent way of putting it, and I see (or hear?) it more and more every day. It's very sad because the left is going to paint Hobby Lobby et al. as the evil one and they can do so by merely words, incorrect ones at that. A different topic but very similiar - here in Michigan there is a same-sex union debate. Almost all of the media outlets are calling it "Michigan's same-sex marriage BAN" (emphasis mine). That is incorrect and a lie as there are no bans on gay unions (i.e. the gay police is not going to come in and throw you in jail should you marry). It should be called 'state-recognized gay unions' but nobody is brave enough for that one.
Couldn't agree more. There is NO ban on gay marriage - ANYWHERE - in the country. You're gay and you wanna get married, go find a minister, or jotp, or Captain Kangaroo to marry you and be done with it. The left never gets this correct and the right goes along with it, case in point this article. GET THE LANGUAGE CORRECT!
Lois: "don't these people have lives?" - why yes, they do! They are living, heartbeating, human babies with lives, just imagine their potential.... OH! silly me, you meant the volunteers.... gosh darn...
So very sad. And very sad for Maria Shriver, to give this woman the platform that she did. And Maria is a suppsed Catholic. Very, very sad.
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