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Unmarried mothers HURT children, PERIOD! My brother is dating an unmarried mother (not single mother, not widowed, a 'never-bothered-to-get-married' mother) and she has a 10 year old son who, I'm sad to say, is messed up. This poor boy gets bounced around from his mother to his father to a multitude of other care takers and is lacking in social and a myriad of other skills for his age. I see this so often with many non-married women and fathers too. IF YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE CHILDREN, GET MARRIED FIRST! THEN STAY MARRIED!!
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Texas Shows the Way on Abortion

yankette Wrote: Aug 04, 2014 3:05 PM
joke - the ol' "force a woman to have a child' ignoramous remark.... It gets old, it really does.
I find that most, if not all athiests really do believe in God and just deny Him. They'll lie of course and say that He does not exist but it's really just a mask. It's denial/lying because if they were to accept God and Christ, they would have to give up something (or many things) in their current lifestyle. An atheist is really their own god.
I remember that season very well also!
Funny!! Love the article and nice change. Soccer has a miniscule popularity with me because it's relatively inexpensive and easy for little kids. There's not a lot of equipment involved, (try hockey or football), you don't need a net (volleyball, basketball), and for kids, you basically throw a ball on the ground and have the kiddos run around and chase it. but this world cup thing, yawn!
I think libs push soccer because it's "European" - to libs, anything from across the pond is more enlightening and intellectually advanced than the good ol' USA.
will - BREAKING! There never has been a gay marriage BAN. There never will be either. It's been misstated for years. So if you wanna get 'married' to your same-sex partner, knock yourself out! The gay police are NOT going to stop you. Go find a church, mosque, synagogue, tent, half-way house, etc. to host your ceremony. There are plenty. And you can find plenty of people to perform your ceremony as well - priests, rabbis, justices of the peace, zeus, etc. It's all there for you!! I'm sure you'd have many of friends and family to invite as well. But when you say a 'judge strikes down a gay marriage ban' let's call it what it really is: 'a judge enforces society to call a gay-union 'marriage', despite people's religious beliefs'. I'd respect you a little more.
Now that we're in graduation season, take a look at most, if not all of the top graduates, whatever they may be graduating from, especially high school. If stated, note the NUMBER and GENDER of their parents.... It's no coincidence.
If you're gay and wanna get married, go for it, knock yourself out! There is no such thing in ANY STATE, in ANY PART OF THE COUNTRY where there is a BAN on gay marriage. That has been misstated for years. Go find a priest, rabbi, shiek, or zeus to perform your ceremony. Go find a church, mosque, synagogue etc. to hold your ceremony, there are plenty that would oblige! AND! *gasp* the gay police are NOT going to stop you! That's right, they are not going to stop you. Call your union a marriage all you like! But that's where it ends right there. Do not voilate MY RIGHTS by ENFORCING me and and the state to recognize your partnership as MARRIAGE.
I can tell a lib poster from a mile away before reading his/her post - most, if not all if you, have just mere letters and alphacharacters in your handle and they are always lowercase - why is that? And 2nd, your posts almost never address the article, along with many typos, run-ons, etc.
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