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The main problem with the Detroit Public Schools was local control. Heck, when their schools were crumbling, the school board members had salaries, cars, chauffeurs, you really don't need to look to far past the local nitwits who were running things.
Nearly every day Rancid makes linear projections about the economy.
oxygen does not burn.
ultraviolet light doesn't come from the sun?
"NOT that I'm in favor of tobacco use, it stinks and so does the user. " If you smoked a little weed you wouldn't care about tobacco stink.
He can plant a garden for when the Easter Bunny drops in to visit.
"Dr. Larry Vardiman (scientist and physicist) of the Institue for Creation Research" That's my laugh for the day. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Isn't Easter always the week after Passover?
At one time taking people's income or money from their estate would have been considered stealing. Has the government ever done that? Doesn't the government 'take' from the inheritors and not from the estate? For instance, charities don't pay inheritance taxes do they?
It would be whatever Catholic Encyclopedia that Rancid cut and pasted.
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