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As soon as I heard that Putin made the deal I knew Obuma would take the credit. What an a--hole. Now soon the rest of his talking heads in the Government run media (NBC
Maybe the two of them ought to give up their fees?
easy don't spend so much, live by your means. the less you spend the more you save in taxes....... idiot!
Those who vote to go to war will not get re-elected the next time.....
He's a punk! Gutless chicken sh!t. Talks big behind a computer screen doesn't he??
davedooley@mail.uri.edu President of the University of Rhode Island email him for the firing of Professor Erik Loomis.
She uses the killing of children for her gun ban but she has no problem with killing unborn children with a needle. What a Moron.
My question for Ms. Feinstein is why is it that you and some of your democrat friends feel that it is ok to take the life of a unborn child but get all saintly over guns because they were used to kill children, seems like you all have double standards........
Mr. Belafonte 60,643,102 also voted against Obama, and only 65,249,700 voted for him. That is not an overwhelming majority.
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United Nations: Give Us Drones!

Ya_think Wrote: Nov 25, 2012 12:22 PM
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