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To the contrary, we understand the position quite well, possibly better than yourself....we just find it disgusting and indefensible.
In the US we are inundated with the victim mentality. Everyone's a victim, even criminals themselves, and to some extent I think this mentality stems from the Abortion debate. Somehow Liberals have managed to make the mother into the victim and not, you know, the murdered infant. The baby is the problem or "criminal" in there equations and if you can make the mother who murders her own child into the victim, and an unborn baby the criminal, everything else is mere child's play. (no pun intended) The world is truly upside-down. May God have mercy on our souls.
You know, that's very interesting. But what we really wanna know is "what did the fox say!?" losers.
Sometimes I stand back in aww at the Liberal Mind at work. Not "awe" as in wonder or amazement but "aww" as in "aww you poor thing." They really are as loony as Daffy Duck.
Thankfully the more reasoned among us don't confuse celebrity with intelligence. And with constant reminders like Ms. Ringwld's we never will. Libtards on the other hand.......
if the assumption is that it's unconstitutional because it interferes with allowing "doctors to do what they think is best for their patients' then, using that logic, how in the world is the ACA constitutional? "Liberal-Thinking" is an oxymoron.
The MSM is reluctantly having to acknowledge that The Emperor Has No Clothes. ......and on a related topic an American Landrace just flew past my window.
For once I would have to agree with the Administration's position. Everybody DOES do it. Now, does everyone do it to the extent that the US does? No. Is this because these other countries are somehow more honorable or benevolent? Of course not, its simply because they can't. But make no mistake about it, if ANY of these countries had the same capabilities the U.S. has, they would take advantage of them just as we have. Now with that being said, I in no way support NSA's use of these technologies domestically.
If we really want to keep children safe, healthy and happy, the first thing we should strive to protect them from is the progressive ideology. After all, Liberal thinking has caused far more harm to more peoples safety, health and happiness than any of the activities depicted on the stamps.
I'm glad to see their are still some nations with enough chutzpah to stand against Islamic Tyranny. Oh, United States, what has happened to you? /sadface
Yeah, I know right? In a "Democracy" the absolute last thing we want to do is listen to what The People want. They're just a bunch of ignorant rubes anyway right?
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