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I think is long time Mr. Boehner was shown the door. He is the most feckless GOP "leader" I can remember. Rep Trey Gowdy for Speaker ASAP!
Congratulations! Well deserved.
To bad someone didn't give the same pitch to her mother.
Right!? I've got a disabled friend who hasn't been laid in a decade (literally). We were sitting around one night flipping through channels and came across "Girls". So I ask him "So....its been a while now huh? Would you?" He quickly replied "You know? I just realized there are some things worse than celibacy"
Please allow me to summarize and condense Mark Ruffalo and the Pro-Murder crowd's uber-progressive, super-duper forward thinking, unabashedly benevolent reasoning here. Children, and by extension their parents, are better of dead than poor. That way the Elite don't have to be disgusted by the sight or burdened in any way by the cost of your wretched existence.
The irony here is palpable. The fact that her story completely contradicts her own position on abortion is completely lost on her. Which I think reinforces my long held belief that Progressives have the reasoning acumen of a toddlers.
Well said. I've never heard this saying before. Very prophetic indeed.
Yeah, ever since this fad started I've been waiting for one of these fools to run up on the wrong person. Hopefully these kids will see what happened here and reconsider their behavior.
To the contrary, we understand the position quite well, possibly better than yourself....we just find it disgusting and indefensible.
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