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I would count myself among the %40. I like Romney. I think he would make a very good President. But as long as those %47 comments still exist, a Romney candidacy would be DOA. Maybe he's tought of this and has figured out a way to downplay those comments, I don't know how that's possible, but I still feel a Romney run is a risky proposition.
A Romney candidacy should be DOA. Those 47% comments are still around. People may have forgotten temporarily but Dems are waiting with baited breathe to dust those tapes off. If the GOP is serious about securing the White House in 2016 then a Romney nomination should be the furthest thing from their minds.
Apparently the ability to think rationally isn't included in his "particular set of skills."
Because you can't fix stupid.
The braindead liberal propaganda tilt has been blatantly apparent for quite some time. Which is probably why I haven't seen a single frame of SNL since the late 90's. Once you become a older and wiser the sophomoric, political fart-joke equivalent shtick wears a little thin.
Hey Russell! How about YOU go take a look in the mirror, and then join the rest of us in the merciless mocking of the fool staring back at you.
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Must-see Video: Inside IS

xXCrimsonPatriotXx Wrote: Aug 08, 2014 1:35 PM
To barrow and amend a quote from the late Curtis LeMay..... ...prepare to be "bombed back to the stone age" you pathetic, backward a$$, pedo-worshiping goat-humpers. Courtisey of Ole' Uncle Sam.
11. Katie is 10x smarter and hotter than Mrs. Clinton ever thought about being. Love ya Katie. Been a fan since your old YouTube channel. I wish you nothing but the great success you deserve.
Little known fact? He had his fingers crossed.
The Tyrant-in-Chief once again rails against the chains placed upon his sovereignty by The Constitution of The United States, his head unbowed and undeterred. IMPEACHMENT IS THE ONLY ANSWER. Not simply on the grounds of Obama's blatant overreaches, scandles and ineptitudes, but to exclaim loud and clear, once and for all, to any would be Messiahs that American's never have and never will tolerate a King.
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