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Another major push to increasing tuition cost is that a major component of the US NEWS & WORLD REPORT rating system is tuition cost instead of faculty achievement. So Universities post extremely high tuition costs but issue large grants to almost all students just to keep a high rating. Another driving force is government subsidies. There is a strong correlation between government subsidy increases and administrative and teacher salary increases and tuition increases. There is generally little required of professors to teach the same subject matter year after year after year for a few hours per week.
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For GOP, Losing Might Be the Only Way To Win

XQZME Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 10:44 PM
The Republicans should hold a presser every day and speak out forcefully (that leaves out Boehner and McConnell), throw up their hands and point out the obstructionism of Reid, Obama and Democrats and identify each of the more than 30 bills passed by the House that the Senate has refused to even schedule a vote on. They should say they will wait for a fair and balanced response or proposal is received from the Democrats. If there is no response, then let the cuts expire. If attacked, emphatically point out that this is what the electorate voted for. Blame it on the voters and those they voted for. The voters are to blame for their own stupidity and should suffer the consequences.
PART 2 DEFINITIONS RELIGION & PHILOSOPHY The philosophy of Jesus has no organized metaphysics, cosmology, epistemology, logic, etc. There are many branches of Christianity including Quaker, Lutheran, Catholic, Mormon, etc. There are also many branches of Islam including Shiite and Sunni. Other religions have several branches as well including Sikhism, Buddhism, Judaism, Baha’i, Jain, etc. How could he get through Harvard without learning this other than by majoring in education Catholic universities teach that America was founded on Judeo-Greco-Roman principles, Judeo Christian. Where is Oreilly coming from?
DEFINITIONS RELIGION & PHILOSOPHY I believe that evergreen trees that are used to celebrate Christmas should be called Christmas trees just as a candelabra used in Judaism is called a Menorah. From Scholastic philosophy 101 at Harvard on the day Oreilly missed and Epistemology. Philosophy - The study of all things using human reason alone. Religion - A system of beliefs based on faith independent of reason. St. Thomas Aquinas tried but failed to reconcile the two in his Summa Theologica. During the Renaissance the theological concerns were challenged by Humanism. It seems that when Oreilly speaks of the philosophy of Jesus, he is referring to his philosophy of ethics. This is demeaning. The philosophy of Jesus has no organized metaph
Kenya government and many citizens in Kenya know he is an imposter.
If you don't know the law, it is better to shut up rather than to say something and look like an idiot. The law at the time required his mother to be 18 if he was born out of country. She was 17. Also US Supreme Court cases require both parents to be US citizens. Regardless he did not reassert his allegiance to the US before the age of 22 after returning from Indonesia. He is an Indonesian illegal alien Muslim apostate.
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Stupidity Laws Could Have Stopped Obama

XQZME Wrote: May 22, 2012 2:15 PM
For years I've feltr there should be a law against allowing wtupid people to register to vote, even if that would have left more than half the voters here in California off the voting rolls.
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