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O’Reilly Goes Head-to-Head with President of American Atheists over Christmas

XQZME Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 10:14 PM
DEFINITIONS RELIGION & PHILOSOPHY I believe that evergreen trees that are used to celebrate Christmas should be called Christmas trees just as a candelabra used in Judaism is called a Menorah. From Scholastic philosophy 101 at Harvard on the day Oreilly missed and Epistemology. Philosophy - The study of all things using human reason alone. Religion - A system of beliefs based on faith independent of reason. St. Thomas Aquinas tried but failed to reconcile the two in his Summa Theologica. During the Renaissance the theological concerns were challenged by Humanism. It seems that when Oreilly speaks of the philosophy of Jesus, he is referring to his philosophy of ethics. This is demeaning. The philosophy of Jesus has no organized metaph