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"Obama's Damned-Nation"

xmanvietnam Wrote: Jul 08, 2012 3:41 PM
In the early years of the twenty-first century, a vile evil ascended the throne of the American Republic. He came from obscurity, shrouded in mystery and misdirection. He promised all things to all people. He always said what people wanted to hear. His open disdain for America, the Constitution, and its governing principles went unnoticed by the mainstream media, which quickly became his Ministry of Propaganda. Mabus ascended the American throne, not by rightful election of the populace, but by enormous propaganda efforts and fraudulent voting practices, funded by his foreign masters who counted among their numbers dictators, terrorists, and rabid socialists bent upon the destruction of America. ""

Years from now historians will look at the presidency of Barack Obama and assess that while his goals could have perhaps been well intentioned when he campaigned for office for his first term, the ensuing campaign for his second term and the desire to change very little was conclusive proof that he couldn't care less about the nation's outcome.

I say that, and I'm not one of the pointy-hat types screaming about his islamic leanings, the place of his birth, or (the newest pointy hat fascination) that Obama's namesake father isn't even his actual DNA donor.

I've seen the...