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Slouching From Gomorrah: Remembering Robert Bork

XLR8R Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 9:41 AM
The left has been sitting only judges who were really not judges at all but advocates of the lefts agenda. Look to our history of judicial appointments, if the candidate is a Constitutionalist the left is outraged but if its a Sotomayer, a very obvious liberal spokesperson, then there is outrage against the oppositions claim that they are not Constitutionalist! We need term limits on senators, representatives, and judicial appointees. Also an amendment for a strict Constitutional test for all judicial appointees with removal if they change their colors.

It has been a couple of weeks since the death of Robert Bork, which occurred shortly before Christmas and didn’t really get the news coverage that Bork merited.

Bork died at age 85. In 1987, he became a national headline when President Ronald Reagan nominated him to the Supreme Court. He was a judicial conservative, a “strict constructionist.” He warned about the road America was embarking upon in neglecting its Constitutional principles, and saw doom and gloom ahead. He was grimly pessimistic about America generally, dreading modern liberalism’s grip on the nation. Liberalism, Bork insisted,...