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Negotiations in DC: Obama Arrives, House Leaves

XLR8R Wrote: Dec 27, 2012 11:12 PM
Sounds like a plan to me. Obama has no intention of negotiating anyway. And the Republicans House should stay home until Obama asks them respectfully and with courtesy to return to the Peoples work. There sure won't be any until Obama wakes up and smells the coffee. But alas I am wrong, Obama wants the cliff and higher taxes too, so don't fret it will all come to pass, Obama is going to get your money and go after more cause his lazy electorate doesn't want to work, they just want to line up for food stamps, welfare checks and a free ride on the real hardworking, responsible taxpayers, which will become as scarce as hens teeth here pretty quick.
President Obama cut his Hawaiian Christmas vacation short in order to come back to Washington, D.C. to, supposedly, hammer out a deal with Congress in order to address the looming fiscal cliff. There's only one problem: much of Congress won't be there.

The House of Representatives adjourned Thursday afternoon, only hours after President Obama touched down in Washington, D.C. While it was initially reported that they wouldn't be back until Monday, December 31 - the last day to totally avert the fiscal cliff - Jake Sherman discovered they'd be back in an emergency on Sunday....

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