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2531 -- Yeah tell us again about how you're a "Marine." Liar. You're a fu cking psychopath -- Any self-respecting Marine wouldn't iyss on you if you were lying in the gutter.
Obviously you lie about being in the Marines or ANY branch of the ARmed Services at all if you think that really happened. The POTUS calls the shots -- not the Navy Seals, or Panetta or anyone else.
Yes of course he does. Now, show me where you have any kind of proof of that, Simpleton.
Oh THAT's what you're referring to? Arabic is a language -- it's not a 'religion' Should no one learn German because Nazis origin was Germany? There's a reason they chose it -- for the IB standing. And if you really were ever a Marine, you'd know that it can't hurt to know at least some of the language of your 'enemies'
Allison "If you or little coward xj don't like it, you can kiss my a--ss" Don't try to start with me, 'girlfriend" I've got your number loud and clear. I'm not fooled like your pals here who start tearing their hair out when you 'arrive' with your fantasy life. There is no "Muslim boyfriend", or family feud, or any of that other nonsense you spew. You write things that you know will get your little fan club aroused and angry and then you play it through. You're a sad little gal with a boring life, a boring job somewhere and the desire to make people pay attention to you. Don't rope me into your fantasy here on Townhall -- I'm interested in political and social change discussions, not feeding into your sick masochistic life.
LOL! Sorry, 2531, they're not requiring any such thing -- Do you ever stop and think or do you just believe whatever these screeching morons feed to that slack-jawed maw of yours?
You played right into it. Anne when you said. " Such metaphors are often useful when attempting to explain something to those with a sub-normal IQ. You know, the demographic that Obozo and liberal politicians pander to." You're trying to be condescending and insulting but the funny thing is ---- you STILL have no response -- you're just using it to couch your own lack of intelligence and insight. Any moron can hurl insults and quote from World Net Daily like Rossiter, (who has been discredited and lost his license to practice psychiatry by the way) When you're able to respond without insulting the poster, then maybe someone here will believe that you're anything but a drooling old uneducated grunt with a chip on your shoulder
Who is taught that? Name a textbook that teaches the Japanese attacked P.H. AFTER America attacked them. "Some Kids" were taught that? I'd find out where, and if were a public school, I'd start the process of getting that corrected. But, I have a feeling that's just bullshlt to try and move your argument against teachers forward
Carlos: Whining and sniveling and playing the Professional Victim of Liberals his entire life - he's been bested by those more intelligent and more sophisticated than he can ever hope to be.
LOL! You're not one to call people an idiot, Carlos -- you're ignorance, racism and closed-minded stupidity couldn't be more blatant if you wore a sign around your neck stating: "I'm an A sshole"
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