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Cruz: “Opportunity Conservatism” is the Only Way Forward

XJ2013 Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 12:12 PM
I think if Townhall really didn't want people to post opposing views, they would either not offer the option to post at all, or they would clearly say that if you disagree with the story, you can't post. Discussing opposing views is the American Way --unfortunately, too many people get frustrated and can't come up with or articulate their argument, so they just start to dribble out their hatred. That's unfortunate.

January 3, 2013 was an important and historic day on Capitol Hill for many different reasons. And one of those reasons, of course, was because Ted Cruz was sworn in as Texas’s first Hispanic U.S. Senator. It was a momentous and moving occasion -- an event that Americans of all stars and stripes can celebrate. But basking in the limelight -- I suspect -- is not the reason why Mr. Cruz entered public life.

He went to Washington to roll up his sleeves and get to work. Indeed, that...