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Of course it's not possible that this Mike Lee could be mistaken could it? Of course not! And aren't these elected officials adults? Can't they demand the time they need within reason, to read the bill? "Arm-twisting" is a metaphor -- no one literally twists your arm, so instead of taking his word for it why not ask the Upper Chamber members if they read it? Or is somewhat accurate reporting too much to ask?
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TIME: Abortion Advocates are Losing

XJ2013 Wrote: Jan 03, 2013 8:31 PM
It's very difficult if not impossible to reverse this. You can educate people about how awful you believe it is but when you tell a female that the right to have an abortion will be taken away from women who live in America, you can't win. Say what you will, show pictures of aborted babies as much as you want -- it's still very, very difficult to remove a "right" that people have women have fought for. Now, it's been several generations since 1973. I can't imagine enough people are ready to make this illegal again.
Bloomberg is mayor of NYC -- nothing to do with a newspaper in other parts of the state. Do a little research before you just drool all over the place.
A little graphic but you're correct!
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A Bitter Pill

XJ2013 Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 8:52 PM
Get over yourself Liebau. YOU are the 'bitter pill" Good Lord do you ever stop whining? When Repubs are at the helm, as they were recently, then things will go their way. That's the way of politics -- the pendulum swings back and forth over the years and each party has the advantage at different times. Stop doing the "Chicken Little the Sky Is Falling" already -- it's tiresome, boring and juvenile.
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Bad Inventions

XJ2013 Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 8:47 PM
LOL! A lot more pleasant than when you're sniveling about how you're always being victimized and outsmarted by those Liberals. With the exception of the gratuitous bytch-mouthing about those Gosh Durn Liberals that you love to hate, it's pretty humorous. Sort of the whiney humor of Seinfeld, combined with the rage of Lewis Black and the old timey wisdom of Andy Rooney
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David Gregory's Slobbering Obama Interview

XJ2013 Wrote: Jan 01, 2013 11:16 AM
Guess what John? Those same words have been applied by the Dems to Repub. Presidents. People thought Bush 2 was completely unqualified, lazy, ignorant sop. People thought Reagan was a narcissist of the first degree, liar, manipulator and cheater. And Bush I was just a junior version of Reagan who won because Dukakis was the worst candidate ever. Nixon was a thug, a crook, and many would say the biggest farce to ever wear the title -- just as you said. Nothing new under the sun which is why the Rightwing outrage is always dismissed -- we've all heard it before, only directed toward the Republicans.
I think you're an unfortunate young woman who likes the attention she gets here and deliberately makes incendiary remarks to get wannabe marine usmc, maryanne, resist we must, and others all riled up. In that sense you ARE like a cat playing with a mouse, but it's a hollow victory to get negative attention like this. Torturing these folks like this is the same as Breibart and his costume balls to trick ACORN folks -- you're no better.
ROTFL!!! Tell us Little Skippy Benson, in what Alternate Universe did Andrew Breitbart drive the "Professional Left" to the brink of madness? Sure, he got some publicity by Left-wing Drama Queens, but the only people who admired the man were the Far Right -- the Perennial Republican Victims of -- thought Breitbart was some kind of "Gotcha!" King, and that Payback would be soon. What they found was that this "street fighter" whose tools were deceiving, trickery, dressing up in costumes and playing "Lets Pretend" was no more than another Angry Little Man. Dismissed by the Media, Responsible Republicans, he was left with the Rabid Regressives -- pathetic, and belittled by the world. Sad that Breitbart is considered one of "The Best"
Geez Skippy Benson -- how pathetic and juvenile is it that the greatest political victories of the Republican/Conservatives/TeaPartiers consist not of anything that the R/C/TP'ers have actually accomplished, but missteps that your Superiors have made such as the Denver Debate. Instead of taking the High Road and dismissing Weiner as someone who destroyed himself, you rub your little paws together with glee -- like a nose-picking, 13 year old loser would do -- you feel others failures are your victories because you are so unable to have any victories of your own.
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Good Riddance to 2012

XJ2013 Wrote: Dec 30, 2012 11:28 AM
Done smacking you all down. Quinty, Henry and Brutus --- you're not worth the time any more -- you've lost the battle and you've resorted to making stuff up, having tantrums and generally becoming just too dumbed down. L8r
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