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your are clueless. Everyone with complex taxes files an extension due Oct 15. Most of the forms they need from other parties aren't ready until AFTER those parties have filed their taxes on April 15. Stop seeing an evil motive in every single thing a conservative does.
Over at Huffpo they saw the charitable deduction and are now calling for an end to the "loopholes for charities". How pathetic the 47% are. Do they have any idea what would happen to the charities in this country if they were taxed? I guess that's all part of the plan - then the government WOULD be the only source of hope.
Now it's the OVERPAYING that has the folks on HuffPo apoplectic. To them, it's just more evidence that he's a lying, politically motivated, ... Not one question or criticism of those who piled on the innuendo and accusations.
9/19 @PressSec "we have no evidence of a preplanned or premeditated attack, based on what we know now." 9/20 @PressSec "It is self evident that what happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack "self-evident" is a legal term of art - meaning evident in itself without proof or demonstration" I think it's self-evident that the administration has an a very confusing 9 days.
So a guest of the White House and pal of the POTUS says that 12 year old girls need to be taught about anal sex. Nice. How have we come to this? The left are utterly insane and immoral. They are so blinded by idealogy that they cannot tell good from evil.
No impeachment is pointless before the election. If he wins a second term you can bet it is an option that would be "on the table". But just lying and passing executive orders wouldn't be enough to get it through congress. It would have to be something dramatic and really obviously illegal. Like knowingly shipping a few thousand automatic weapons into a foreign country resulting in many deaths of their innocent civilians, going against the Supreme Court even after they've ruled against Obamacare, or something really really ugly and bad happening with Israel, Iran situation.
Does Obama every check in to see what Obama is saying? The same person who says "we don't jam legislation through" also said the (unelected) Supreme court better not touch Obamacare which was passed by a "significant majority"
Most of my liberal friends continue to assert 1. the pipeline was not ready to be approved, only a Republican trick to force a vote on the payroll tax holiday, 2. even if built it would have no impact on oil prices, 3. there is more drilling under Obama than even under Bush, 4. oil sands oil is evil because a) it destroys the countryside, b) it takes considerable energy to refine, and finally, 5) the more oil we bring into the country the more our dependence on oil will continue, which is destroying the planet. By the way, I'm dead serious. You can't make this stuff up. That is the prevailing wisdom amongst all the "progressives" I've spoken with.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz: described that suggestion as "preposterous" and "utter nonsense." Lawrence O'Donnell: Yes, Debbie, totally preposterous that the left would bring up religion in their attacks on Romney. Can't imagine it happening.
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