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In Praise of Walmart

Xango8430 Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 10:40 AM
Perhaps when Walmart makes their healthcare package 'available' in LESS THAN 2700 PAGES & we can read & reviews it...BEFORE PILOSI , REID, & PINOCCHIO..we can then DECIDE if they've come up with another way to help those that NEED this type of 'help' ..Capitalism & FREE Enterprise's success is ULTIMATELY determined by the 'end users' use or NON use of the offering!! It's ALWAYS worked..until we allowed the 'Federal & local Governments" get the upper hand in mandating what we CAN & CANNOT be allowed to have as our own FREEDOM OF accorded to us in our Constitution & Bill Of Rights..Pinocchio & company by his 'executively order' take away from it!!

Once again I am here to sing the praises of Walmart. Over the years I have done so on many occasions.

Many misguided souls take the other side. They blame Walmart for ruining mom and pop grocery stores, mom and pop hardware stores, etc.

Not me, I praise cheaper prices. Moreover, it's what consumers voted for with there hard-earned dollars.

If anyone wants to pay more for stuff, all they have to do is shop at a mom and pop hardware...

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