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Fertilizer has a function..But..It's excessive usage contaminates & destroys it's initial purpose..hence..when you've read the above...you KNOW exactly the outcome..
You, have the 'freedom' to buy a one way ticket to Muslimville..They EXPRESS their views somewhat HARSHER ..THEY have open classes on Scimitar training utilizing ANY & ALL who don't believe in Sharia Law..Please tell 'em YOU LOVE PORK!!
Another "Numb Nut" NO current talent 'espose' of a 'usta was' 'celeb' plateau I've added to my LONG LISTING OF 'JOLLYWOOD' socialistic progressive anals whom I've NOT spent a Lincoln copper to support for decades..Many of whom are gifted in their acting profession..I 'vote' by NOT going to view ANY presentations they are getting paid to act!
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Giuliani Versus Obama

Xango8430 Wrote: Feb 24, 2015 12:31 PM
I'm a "snowflake'' 84 Korean War Veteran..AND have the deepest respect & admiration for Professor Sowell..& if Pinocchio in the oval office had ANY of this man's intellect, wisdom,integrity, military experience, credabilty..etc etc,would, as President Abraham Lincoln was wise enough to do in his association with Frederick Douglas, bring Professor Sowell into the white house , FIRE JARRET, & then.. LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN , but I have difficulty in believing Pinocchio's ego centric personality could GRASP what was being presented.....IF the Professor opted to take the time to share.. Thank you, Professor Sowell for ALL you've done & continue to do!
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Schoolgirls Run Away To Join ISIS

Xango8430 Wrote: Feb 23, 2015 3:44 PM
True life expectancy of these girls can & will be ended once radical Jihadist carnal usage of their bodies are completed..It's the code of the Koran for females...This will be a blessing in that their 'seed' will also be terminated to assured no further links..
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The Defend Freedom Tour

Xango8430 Wrote: Feb 10, 2015 2:38 PM
As a Korean War Veteran up here in the King County area of WA. state I'm in hopes we'd have viewing of this online. Our particular 'area' is overly CONTAMINATED & INFESTED with Liberalistic big government supporters..ie: Murray, Cantwell, Smith & Inslee I don't forsee ANY of them realistically in support,,other than for political reasons. It 'sickens' me to no end when I view the pay, retirement, & health benefit programs these politicians have mangaged to create for themselves...FAR SUPERIOR to ANY to our Veterans & THEIR FAMILIES. & WE'VE NOT TAKEN CARE OF OUR RESPONSIBILITIES TO ''ALL'' of them..& the 'commander in 'grief' displays NO VISUAL INTENT of SUPPORT..with his dismantling of our NATIONAL SECURITY PROGRAM in ALL MILITARY PROGRAMS..
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Obama Versus America

Xango8430 Wrote: Feb 04, 2015 1:25 PM
Regardless of Mr. Sowell's 'pigmentation' I've ALWAYS found that he could well be the reincarnation of Mr. Frederic Douglas & in that the TRUTH & the FACTS he profoundly shares to be REAL & ON TARGET to the issue or issues he writes to us . He, should he opt to, be involved in the long lost conservative agenda we're GOING to need to get our previous country back..NOT the one we've been lied to in accepting under life time politicians....regardless of political affiliation..President Ronald Reagan had us heading in the 'correct' direction...but..we've let it slip away!
Her 'unable to comment' re: IRS.scandals AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIES her as a candidate for the DOJ position..But..then that's what makes her Qualified for Obama's agenda..PERIOD!!
For ANY that DO NOT understand the ALREADY WEAKENED & on going downward spiral & dismantling of OUR NATIONAL SECURITY system being implemented by this Progressive Muslim supportive Obama administration & TAKE ACTION to support EVERY effort to suppress it...are sanctioning the "PROMISED'' further 911 type terrorist actions to further kill thousands more of WE THE PEOPLE..Obama's amnesty agenda IS an OPEN DOOR for that becoming a living REALITY.. SIGN THE PETITION! Right now it's the ONLY VOICE YOU HAVE!
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