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With WA. State NOT listed with the other states that SUPPORT OUR Constitutional 2nd. Amendments 'right to bear arms...shall NOT BE INFRINGED'' does NOT come as ANY SURPRISE...In addition, new liberal Governor Jay Inslee has will no longer allow the 'death penalty' to be implemented for those on 'death row' ..weakly claiming that it's TOO COSTLY to implement...Never mind HOW many are convicted of multiple murders, rapes, etc..Bad seed..is Bad seed..& should rightfully be eliminated..so as NOT to continue it's 'contamination'' once & for all..!!
This "Pinocchio" is WITHOUT QUESTION absolutely the most devious, prognosticatin person the parasites could have put in the oval office..This interview is just another solidifying WASTE of time to watch..SOS...DD..Maybe NOW O'Reilly will come to recognize that giving this "Pinocchio" the 'benefit of the doubt' just adds to what the 'parasites' who feed @ the 'freebie troughs' want ALL of us to accept..NOT ON MY WATCH. The saddest part of electing this MISTAKE is that had he been TRUTHFUL IN WHAT HE CAMPAIGNED ;HE 'PROMISED' ,,HE COULD HAVE DONE MORE TO SOLIDITY THE UNIFICATION OF OUR COUNTRY..THAN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT..PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN WAS A 'SHINING LIGHT' IN LAYING GROUND WORK TO HAVE THAT HAPPEN..!
The 47+% of maggot parasites that are in the 'fundamental progressive process' of devouring their 'host'...as maggots are prone to do..Obama, with George Soros' billions to 'invest' got the 'maggots' to the feed trough...& Hillary, or ANY progressive if elected will enhance that endeavor on STEROIDS..!!
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Politics Versus Education

Xango8430 Wrote: Jan 14, 2014 12:11 PM
If you desire your kid's futures to be one of the many 'cybernots' that common core is DESIGNED to create for our kid's existence to be solely dependent on the government to maintain their minds for control of their sole career assignments & how they can be government automatons .by ALL MEANS KEEP COMMON CORE as the means to that agenda..It's part of the U.N.'s 'AGENDA 21' Hillary & Pinocchio Obama have & are in full agreement to become a 'one world government'..as George Soros is "investing his billions ($$$) to accomplish..!
Your THERAPY mandate is to take a LONG WALK OF A VERY SHORT PIER..preferably the shark infested Atlantic coast line..say near AMITY BEACH!! Unless the sharks are particular in the 'garbage' they consume..!!
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Mr. Speaker's Crocodile Tears

Xango8430 Wrote: Dec 17, 2013 10:10 AM
Boehner in his search for ' fence sitters' to enhance his 'amnesty agenda' will no doubt be 'screening' them to determine their re election status..& avoiding those 'on the block' in 2014..& their positions on Obamacare, the proposed budget, amnesty, getting our military PROPERLY COMPENSATED for their EARNED BENEFITS.. George Washington, in his usual wisdom, stated that NOT TO 'TAKE CARE' & compensate of ALL those who have served & EARNED their right to be compensated..THE COUNTRY WILL SOON FIND THAT THERE WILL BE NONE TO CO\ME FORWARD TO SERVE..!! Our present administration has continued in FAILING miserably in getting this accomplished..
My heads in a 'state of flux' .about this 'compromise' we're supposed to consider as a means of 'survival' for our Republic..?? When "Pinocchio" continuously circumvents our "supposedly" legislative system to approve or not approve issues in bills brought before each a branch..ONLY to have "Pinocchio" circumvent that Constitutional procedure with his "Executive Order" CRAPPOLA!! The action of COS ( Convention Of States) under article 5 is rapidly beginning to get STATES to recognize they (we) have the POWER when enjoined in purpose to correct ALL this 'CRAPPOLA'. & the comment about 'they' ..meaning the George Soros' etal..can't cheat ( as they've successfully done in the last presidential election) when WE in mass exercise our voting POWER..Where we..in mass..FAILED MISERABLY .But NOT 'in my house'...!! How about YOUR HOUSE..EH??
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Progress on the Laffer Curve*

Xango8430 Wrote: Dec 08, 2013 11:59 AM
I seem to recall that President Ronald Reagan, House Majority Leader Tip O'Neal, Jack Kemp , & Art Laffer got 'together' & implemented this "Laffer Curve" & America's economy & well being did a 180 degree turn around from a dismal economy & an increasing matastisizing of bigger government control & spending..& the present 'Pinocchio' administration has reversed that process in a Tsunami steroid progressive marxist agenda..
1. McCain's fellow Viet Nam prison inmates have brought out that he's NOT the stalwart he's been portrayed to be..His "nick name" was 'SONG BIRD''. The ONLY contribution he's made to the 'CONSERVATIVE' guide lines was the national introduction of GOV. SARAH PALIN as his VP choice.I DID vote for him as opposed to 'Pinocchio'..the NO ATTENDANCE Chicago indoctrinated Socialistic, & Marxist trained (Saul Alinsky) 'Community Organizer' funded by the George Soros' "Tides Foundation" billions via his voter fraud actions. George & "Pinocchio" were successful both in 2008 & 2012..& will follow that same agenda to get.."WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE'' Hillary Clinton elected in 2016. Mainly cause there WERE NOT enough Constitutionally oriented conservatives to get off their dead azzzes & go to the polls...Less voted in 2012 than did in 2008..It's HAPPENING on "OUR WATCH" folks..& so far we're FAILING AGAIN!!
Dr. Carson was my 1st. pick, then Ted Cruz..I was surprised that Col Allen West was NOT among the list & I'm hopeful that the 'demise' of Rubio's & his RINO capitulation would provide Col West incentive to challenge for Rubio's Senate seat from Florida.IMO , Col West has the MOST & BEST qualifications to rebuild our NEEDED Military strength for our country's SURVIVAL than ANY of the 'other' of the listed 'hopefuls'..
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