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The Troubles with Common Core

WWJD??? Wrote: Apr 21, 2014 10:17 PM
The Common Core standards have brought the left and right together in a way I haven't seen in years. Obama used $5 billion in stimulus funds to bribe states to adopt the CCSS during the worst periods of the recession when schools were desperate to prevent layoffs. States need to retain their individuality to run schools via local governance, to be the incubators for diversity and innovation. This was all taken away as the White House exploited a tricky loophole to dictate learning to 45 states. The federal government is prohibited from forcing curriculum onto states, but when Arne Duncan announced the USDOE would be printing the new tests, it was a backdoor way to make every school change their curriculum, to teach to the test.
Strange contrast between left and right reporting on this - TownHall is picking nits as NYT refines it's world scoop to read better. (Wildstein's lawyer gave NYT exclusive access to the Port Authority letter). Meanwhile, the left is reporting irrefutable evidence that Christie lied in his press conference. Because they were trying so hard to take Christie down, MSNBC pored over the texts and Christies speech and found - unlike right wing reporting - that Christie made a huge, tragic falsehood in his two hour press conference. Christie said no one in his staff knew about the GWB closures until it was already done. But the "time for some traffic in Fort Lee" texts that came out the day before already had shown that THREE of his staff knew about the closures DURING the closures. It took the press a few days to ID who the people in the texts were, but it's already been proven Christie was not telling the truth. It's true that the nature of Wildstein's evidence will determine whether CC is ruined or not, but his reply yesterday was hilarious, saying Wildstein confirmed CC didn't know anything BEFOREHAND. This was a slippery, cheeky admission that he did know DURING the closures, which contradicts what he said in his press conference. Does anyone want to refute this?
But how do we know the laughter and the vote fraud suggestions are not coming from the O'Keefe plants in the tapes? He was already caught entrapping subjects, himself suggesting crimes on tape. For this he was sued and lost $75K. FOX TV backed out of using this tape because there's no way to know whether or not the people doing the bad things on tape are Project Veritas employees. The tapes also show the people insulting Wendy Davis....
Ann is focusing on MSNBC because Maddow made the story go national just when it was about to blow over and Christie's administration was going to get away with it. It's fair to ask Maddow to condemn what Sharpton did in the Brawley case, but 60 Minutes already did a segment on Sharpton's revamped image about 3 years ago that spent a lot of time on Sharpton's culpability in that case and unwillingness to apologize for it. The CBS piece that already covered this whole angle years ago: http://www.wowowow.com/culture/behind-the-60-minutes-interview-lesley-stahl-on-the-reverend-al-sharpton/
TO ANN COULTER: OK, Sharpton was lying and never apologized to Stephen Pagodas. But MSNBC is not the only one reporting on Christie and he's still the governor. Why dredge up this old story on Sharpton, while skipping over George Bush era war crimes? If we're just sticking our hand into the basket of oldies but goodies, should we ignore with the biggest scandals (WMD lies, torture) and just go for liberals?
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Can GOP Avoid Obamacare Trap?

WWJD??? Wrote: Dec 23, 2013 10:30 PM
Hannity was caught AGAIN lying about Obamacare. When he says that it's unpopular, he's deceptive because a lot of ACA critics didn't feel it went far enough, but aren't necessarily for repeal. Here Hannity gets fact-checked and is proven to be lying to you, his audience: http://thedailybanter.com/2013/12/yes-sean-hannity-most-of-obamacare-is-wildly-popular-among-republicans/
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