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Truth, truth, you want the truth? Obama can't handle the truth. What happened to your Great One? I will tell what happened to him. He has spent the last 4 yrs hearing nothing but praise and worship from the left. He has played at being president, it was a game to him but Wednesday night Romney called him on it and Obama lost.
Obamas been flying around in a jet for most of 4 years, he should be used to high altitudes by now. We need a president that can think on their feet from below sea level to mile high Denver. Of course the high might not have been caused from altitude. Just sayin.
In an interview with David Gregory he slipped and said my Muslim faith, of course David was quick to say "you mean Christian faith" Obama is like "what, oh yeah my Christian faith" as seen on national TV.
But, but, but Obama is super intelligent. I mean he is a genius, he, he, well he used to be a law professor or something like that. He beat the c--p out of all the other dem candidates in their debates. I mean, well golly gee whiz man whats Obama a scraed of?
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Can You Trust the Mainstream Media?

wwellborn Wrote: Sep 27, 2012 8:47 AM
Follow the money trail. I figure it will lead to George Soros and like minded billionaires. When you have enough money you can buy the MSM. As a young man Soros sold out his own people to the Nazis. He evidently still has the same mindset. Obama was probably groomed by these people for the purpose of selling out America.
If I were a family member of any one of the four men killed in the Benghazi raid I would sue anyone remotely responsible up to and including the Obama for the wrongful deaths of these men. This administration has done enough harm to this nation and its people and they have been allowed to disavow any wrong doing because the MSM helps to hide the truth. It needs to stop now. I would be yelling from the lowest valley to the highest mountain that I hold this administration responsible for the death of these men. Maybe there might still be a few ethical news reporters that have had their fill of covering for such a disastrous president.
Allen West has it right again. The weakness shown by Obama on his apology tour has given the radical Islamist the message that we would not respond with our former show of strength. Obama and his administration will place the blame for this attack on the US's behavior toward the Muslims. Obama has our people sitting on a ticking time bomb in the middle east. Basically the radical Muslims are bullies and you don't run from a bully. If you stand up to them you might get a bloody nose but you also will make them think a second time before attacking again.
Funny you mention God given rights when it was your party that intentionally left God out of their platform. Also there was no clear majority vote to put God back in the platform. The only reason they changed their platform is because they realized they had irritated a whole lot of Christians. Eighty percent of Americans are Christians and a large majority of them will be voting.
You need to set the story right. The Senate is controlled by democrats. Republicans control the House only. The last two years of Bushes term the democrats controlled both house and senate. The first two years of Obamas' term the WH, the senate and the house was controlled by democrats. Tell me, why didn't Obama do the things he is promising to do now his first 2 yrs? In the real world you can't blame someone else for your failures when you are in complete control of the situation. As a president the man has been a complete failure and I question the intelligence and the morals of anyone that intends to vote for him again.
If Jews were smart about which way the political winds blow perhaps the Nazis' would not have been able to kill so many of them. I do not mean to downplay the Holocaust but what were they thinking then and what are they thinking now? Seems to me that they make very bad political choices.
Exactly what I was thinking.
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