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Teaching Jim to Fish for Himself

ww10 Wrote: Jul 17, 2012 8:19 AM
You sure look good to have a 26 year old son-can't be something in the left coast air. Good article, I've been to 12 countries and seen homeless and poor all overthe world . I rarely give money to people on the street but do buy newspapers from them. Write more good articles!

I lost my compassion for homeless people in three phases. 

The first phase was when I saw my first batch of homeless in Hollywood, California in 1982. 

I was barely 20 years old and had just driven cross-country from Texas to California—leaving college, an apartment full of furniture and a cat—to pursue my dreams of an acting career.  I was amazed that most of the homeless people in Hollywood were my age and younger and they were either runaways and/or drug addicts.

In the early 80’s, Hollywood Boulevard was nothing like the Disney-esque, tourist-friendly trap it is today. ...