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Taliban Attacks 100 Times per Day

ww10 Wrote: Jun 14, 2012 2:51 PM
What is the problem with changing the borders in Africa, they have been changing for thousands of years. All the borders should be moved to reflect the tribes natural borders. In Afghanistan split it along the Pastun tribal lines and get rid of many problems. Same with Iraq and any other place where the borders were drawn badly.

South Korea: The US military in South Korea wants the Pentagon to send more attack helicopters, reconnaissance aircraft and missile assets to the region to boost its capabilities, commander of U.S. Forces Korea Gen. James Thurman said on 12 June.

Comment: Today's statement represents US Forces Korea placing its claim to the increased resources that are to be allocated to the Pacific Theater. The North Korean conventional military threat continues to decline. The most likely threat remains a coup or other form of political implosion...