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Prosecutorial Pile-on for Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi

ww10 Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 7:24 AM
While its a bullsh*t charge its still nice to see a cop facing what we face when we wind up in court!

The acquittal and dismissal in the John Edwards campaign-finance fraud case and the acquittal of Roger Clemens on perjury charges after high-profile federal trials should give San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi hope. It would seem jurors aren't going for prosecutions that pit the full force of the government -- the power to destroy people's lives and reputations -- against errant, but not habitually criminal, individuals.

Mirkarimi, however, isn't facing a jury of his peers. He is facing two panels of politicians in a city not known for political restraint.

District Attorney George Gascon had charged Mirkarimi with three misdemeanor counts -- domestic violence,...