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Easy fix for amnesty and jobs-One cut off welfare and the deadbeats will have to pick peaches, tomatoes, and watermelons to eat. Second- import taxes on all goods so the CEOs will have to move the factories back in the us -now more jobs for Americans instead of jobs for Chinks.
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The Legacy of Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt

ww10 Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 7:50 AM
deadbeat family from top to bottom!
Tell the car folks to park outside of the city limits and be done with it. What about the poor hookers who work out of their cars ?
Evryone should have the right to seceed and form their own government or join another country. I want to seceed from crooked DC now!
One -stop giving handouts and make a one time payment for the land we stole form them. Two- let each tribe deside their own way of land use. Three - get the feds out of all Indian affairs . Four - I'm part indian and the word indian does not bother me , Remember all of our ancestors us came from Asia somehow- walked across the ice of sailed a boat here.
The great flood story was rewritten in the bible from older flood stories and each time a story is rewritten it changes a bit. It sounds like a good movie and I'll go see it. The bible was rewritten many times and we read the King James version most of the time but there are many differnt and older versions.
People who get sick from religious nuts should have a way to punish them. I have no problem with standing them against the wall and useing them for targets. We were getting sick in NM due to Mojados (wetbacks) bringing new strains of cold and flu in . Another reason to stop them from coming in, my family is way more important than illegal scum bringing their sicknesses to the US.
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Behind the Russian Rage

ww10 Wrote: Mar 28, 2014 4:33 PM
Good article and right on the point. Pat did a great job of the history of the region and Russia is doing nothing we would not have done with a Reagan or Bush in charge. I tell people the history of the eregion and many have no knolwledge of it . The German princess who became the Russian empress was a Russian at heart and did great for her adopted country.
I like the FWB idea, many of us don't have the time or situation to have a love affair so what is the problem with this ? Is it not better that picking up a hooker on the street and safer too? Women need or like sex too an there are not many male hookers wandering around. So the answer is sex with a friend who you know and trust or a hooker who just gave 10 BJs that day!
I'm with Rand Paul -the government should be out of the bedroom and on the border guarding us . Half of my friends are anti-abortion and religious and we still get along by not talking about it. We need security and jobs-nothing else!
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