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Santa Fe council votes to decriminalize pot

ww10 Wrote: 15 hours ago (7:51 AM)
An ounce? What is an ounce - 1 joint or 2? I have no idea waht an ounce would make - a bunch of brownies? I think a pound would be a better idea.
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Libertarians and Police “Militarization”

ww10 Wrote: Aug 26, 2014 8:38 AM
SWAT should not be used to serve a warrent or kick the door in a midnight raid unless the police were shot at . SWAT was to rescue hostages and attack thugs wih guns shooting us-not for normal police missions! Too many bad laws, bad judges, bad DAs, and bad cops!
Italy needs border guards like we do and the invaders need to be sent back with just the clothes on their back. Confiscate all possions to help pay for the money ist costs to rescue them and return them. It's time for all theis sheit to stop.
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PHOTOS: Israeli Defense Forces Soldiers

ww10 Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 7:18 AM
So the photos show 90% of the soldiers are women and 90% of them are good looking? I wanna go there - do they take over 60Year old snipers? I'll bring my own sniper rifle if they will give me one of these fine rascals as a spotter. WWR SF sniper ret.
Kill off most of the dirbags in Gaza then swap the rest for the displaced in northern Iraq, just don't take any Muslims.
Stupid article without all the facts. i agree black teens have more problems but if their slutty moms would have mad the so-called fathers marry them and take care of the kids it would be much better . Oh, I forgot - a poor mom without a hubby can get more welfare and more kids = more money! I see rth esame thing in poor whites and browns. Poor is poor and the teens run wild without supervision- I did!
Fluck 'em. Maybe a few thousand vets could show up and block the entance waiting for tickets.
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Meet The Women Fighting ISIS in Iraq

ww10 Wrote: Aug 16, 2014 10:07 AM
Nice propaganda flim but look at the fat women trying to shoot AKs, is that fat rascal closing her eyes? Can she climb over a wall? They would be better off assigning them to regular army units with medical training.
Stop the bullshat talk- just kill the scum!
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