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Obamacare in Action: Retail Workweek Hits 3-Year Low

Wumingren Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 11:36 PM
When a guy gets cut to part-time, he may be just diligent and lucky enough to find another part-time job to make up for the lost pay. But, this doesn't mean two people now have jobs instead of one. It is likely, however, that instead of being away from home for 9 hours a day, he'll be gone for 12 or more hours, due to travel between home and two different job sites. Nice going, Obama, now people are working themselves to death for even less money than before.

Hooray! The economy is adding jobs (supposedly). However, few look at the quality of the jobs, and whether or not they are part-time.

Jed Graham has a nice post on Investor's Business Daily that describes what I have been saying for months: Obamacare has accelerated the trend towards part-time jobs. There are more jobs, but fewer hours in them.

Please consider Retail Workweek Hits 3-Year Low In ObamaCare Shift by Jed Graham.