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Now that the Election Is Over, the Washington Post Admits that the Obama Recovery Has Been Terrible

Wumingren Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 11:05 AM
The usual cry from the Left is, "So what! Look what Bush did!" even as Obama expands upon whatever it was that had the Left foaming at the mouth due to Bush. So, Bush forgot left some glowing embers when he left the campsite, while Obama comes in and soaks the forest with gasoline and pours it all the way to the campfire. "Gee! Lookie here! Bush didn't put out his campfire!" And, "Oh, don't worry about the cabin and the trees going up in smoke; it's all Bush's fault."

I agree that Obama inherited a crappy economy, and I think it is silly to assert that he bears any responsibility for the severity of the 2007-2009 recession.

But it is very fair to hold him responsible for what’s happened since the recession ended. I’ve cited data from the Minneapolis Federal Reserve on both employment and gross domestic product to show that Obama has presided over the weakest recovery in the post-World War II period.

And I think it is fair to blame Obama for the economy’s anemic performance during that time, largely because his agenda of faux stimulus...